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Meet Zamary

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My Personal Story

Since a young age, I have enjoyed helping people fulfill their life goals.

I love teaching, encouraging, and leading people to improve their lives, so they can thrive.  On mission trips, I have had the opportunity to coach individuals about budgeting and developing healthy decisions making skills around their finances.  Then a few years ago, I began my own debt-free journey.

My 'Get out of debt' moment was realizing I wanted to change my family's legacy. One day as I was paying my student loans, I noticed that my oldest son was a freshman in high school and I had only four years before he started college. I had nothing saved for his college, and still paying off my college debt.  At that moment, my kids became my 'WHY.' This impacted and motivated me to change my money habits. I wanted to be debt free!

 As I started my journey, I felt free from the control of money and debt. I started to make wise decisions and seized the opportunity to be debt free!

I wanted others to experience this goodness, I started helping family and friends.  I found joy in seeing people accomplish their goals and living life to the fullest. I helped them navigate through unhealthy financial decisions that were controlling them and holding them back from being debt-free.   As a single parent of two boys, I know the financial difficulties of raising and supporting your children.  Today, I am blessed to have a husband and three stepchildren, but also know firsthand the financial struggles a blended family faces.   

I enjoy the opportunity of teaching and guiding our five children about money, college, and staying out of debt.

My background includes working as a Maritime Purchasing & Claims Agent, which includes monitoring operating costs and tracking budgets for vessels.  I have a B.S. in Accounting from Monroe College and M.S. in International Transportation Management from SUNY Maritime College. 

I have completed and certified in the Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Training.   Completion of  Ramsey  Solutions  Financial  Coach  Master  Training  does  not  create  an  employment or agency  relationship  with  Ramsey  Solutions  or  its  affiliates;  it  does  not  constitute  a license  or credentials to engage in legal,  tax,  accounting,  investment,  or  other  professional  services;  nor does it constitute an endorsement or recommendation of the Coach by Dave Ramsey.

About: Services

The rich rule over the poor,
   and the borrower is slave to the lender. Proverbs 22:7

It’s time to thrive!  Because you were created for more.

Your budget is a passport to a healthy financial life.  It's how you control money instead of letting it control you.
Dave Ramsey 


I thrive on teaching and helping individuals and families

to create and follow financial goals that will help them plan for a successful future. Personal finance can be difficult and confusing but with proper direction and clarity, you can learn to understand and follow your financial goals.  

I will help you achieve your goals by:

  • Creating & implementing a budge

  • Debt elimination

  • Establishing an emergency fund

  • Making decisions on integral purchases such as a car, house, & college


My purpose is to inform and empower positive financial decisions in your life so that you can live the life you were born to freedom!



To accomplish your goals, you need a healthy accountability partner to guide you through the plan.  

Sessions are designed not only to teach but also to motivate and give you the tools to a future filled with purpose.

 Maintaining a clear vision of your goals takes work and sharp focus to accomplish the goals we set.

Let me take you there!


I love to encourage and guide you through every step of the way as you fight your debt and accomplish your financial goals.  You can move effectively with confidence towards your life dreams.  

In our coaching sessions we will:

  • Set goals. 

  • Lay out the next steps

  • Take control

  • Implement a plan!


Having these elements in place will give you hope for the future, confidence in your abilities, and empower you to take control. YES!

You were created for so much more!

What are you waiting for?

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